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We don't know as much as we think we do...

Plane travels are unique opportunities to read and watch stuff that was saved for “when I have time”. Yesterday, while flying to Brussels towards another meeting, I divided my time between Don Tapscott’s latest book (comment coming, as soon as I finish it) and some TED Talks that I had saved for latter.

That was how I stubbled upon Jonathan Drori’s fascinating account on the distinction between what we think we know and what we actually know. Drori argues that the dominant approach to teaching may actually hinder our undestanding of the world instead of enhancing it. Controversial? Of course it is, but he starts his talk proposing four questions to the audience:

- From where does the three get the stuff that makes up a wooden desk?
- Can you light a little torch-bulb with a battery, a bulb and one piece of wire?
- Why is it hotter in summer than in winter?
- Can you draw a diagram of the Solar System?

Check the answers in the video. You may be surprised...

PS: Check Nokia’s add in the end! It reminds me of “Epic2015”...